Sergey Sazonov

  • Director, Raft guide, Guide
  • Rafting Tours
  • Spoken Laguages: Russian, English, Georgian
рейтинг гида:

I have 20 years' language of experience in events like hiking, rafting, kayaking. Like a hobby, I organized the different journeys across the world several times each year from 2005. I was getting experience in organizing complicated travels at that time. Usually, those trips were like several adventures in one; these tied the hiking, rafting, acquaintance with sights, and other activities in the one trip.

Travels were a hobby; the primary employment was the work tied with the management and sales during of long period. This work gave good experience in business organizing and strong communication skills.  

I started travels and researching Georgia in 2013; from that time, it was the main direction of my journeys. The decision to change the business when a hobby became the main work accepted by me in 2015 and this year became the birthday of GeTUR company.