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Hello, my name is Sergey. I’m not only an owner and founder of GeTUR companie, a professional raft-guide, tour-guide in Georgia, and the organizer with well logical and logistical skills. I am also trying to discover the question  “what is the yoga?”  and how we can use that skill in ordinary life. I had an experience of living in India during several winters and was taught by exciting and unusual teachers.  I haven’t desire to write a long list of the beautiful Sanskrit words that will review the styles and techniques of “yogi” that I met and where I had practical experience. There is no sense in that. At the moment, I haven’t desire to create around me the atmosphere of the Guru who knows the Truth or technique that will open the Truth for everyone. If you look for the Guru described above, in the social networks, there is a huge choice of them, take that you want. I have an interest in something else, and at present, I’m a guide, because of that, I want to introduce the journey in Georgia, that well combined with a format of yoga-tour.  The idea of that tour was born a long time ago, but start to create it in life was allowed when India and Georgia similarity became obvious. In both countries, there are many places of power, and most of them, especially in Georgia, are pure and hidden from tourist glances. The work on the several yoga-trips for different yoga teachers, who visited Georgia confirmed that.

Organize high-quality yoga-tour is quite a massive task. Places of power are not popular in the case of ordinary tourism. Most of the tours create with purpose look at the famous and effective sights and skip other, low popular, but yes, in the “other” there are real diamonds. The traditions also play an essential role in the case of ordinary tourism. The wine, chacha, meat dishes, and noise party are the tour basis for most visitors of the country, that no suit for people who prefer the yogi lifestyle. On the other hand, especially in villages, the locals have a more calm and straightforward life.

A group in the yoga tours, usually, spent days in the one place, time to time rides to the sights. It is the right decision if an acquaintance with culture and sights isn't an essential aim. But, to look at the real right places, in case of living in one house, we will spend to much time on a road.

I want to offer you a particular way of yoga-travel. We will not at one place and will have a calm ride from region to region across the country observe, and acquaintance with culture and sights include the places of power. The tour schedule made up with time to morning, evening, or middle-day practice. We had experience in those kinds of tours, and I can statement this format is well to combinate acquaintance the country and own spiritual practice. 

The program example you can read below:

First day. Meet in Tbilisi.

We meet at Tbilisi airport, accommodate in a hotel. Free time. We can spend the time to walk across the old city or hike from Mtatsminda to Narikala fortress. The second one offer combinate both a hike in the forest and observes the old part of Tbilisi.

Second day. Drives to temples of Mtskheta, Shio-Mgvime.

Practice time

Breakfast at 10 am

We drive to Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia. The place is famous among the ordinary tourist group, but the Temples of Mtskheta like Tsvetistskhaveli or Samtvero are too strong and exciting to skip those.

The monastery Shio-Mgvime also is one of the strong places, and here there are no crowds of tourists. Usually, only locals come here.


Third day. Transfer to Samtske-Djavaheti region.

Practice time

Breakfast at 9 am

At 10 am, we check out from the hotel and start the transfer to the new region Samtskhe-Javaheti. 

We will have a stop on the way to Borjomi city, the Green Monastery and old Atskuri fortress. We finish the day close to Vardzia, the famous cave city.

We accommodate in the hotel nearby of the cave city.


Fourth day. The upper Samtskhe-Djavaheti

Practice time

Breakfast at 10 am

Today we climb to the Vanis-Kvababi cave city. It is the place of power and an old orthodox temple. There is no crowd of tourists here, but you can feel the power of this place during the walking inside. The next point of the day program will be the thermal sulfide baths. From the earth, climb the water with a temperature of 57 degrees Celsius, and locals built the swimming pool here. The tub looks weird but has a temperature of about 44 degrees and shortly swim gives an effect like a nice sauna.

We will spend the night at the same hotel.


Fifth day. Transfer to Akhaltsikhe.

Practice time

Breakfast at 10 am

At 11 am without rush, we start the way to Akhaltsikhe town, where located Rabat fortress. 

Today we will have free time afternoon to walk in the fortress and rest.

We stop at night in the family hotel close to Rabat.


Sixth day. Transfer to Batumi (Gonio)

Practice time

Breakfast at 10 am

At 11 am, we start the transfer to the Black Sea coast. We will use not a standard way and will drive by Transadjarian road across the mounts. We stop in the old, calm, and power Zarma monastery on the way. We will climb to Alpine meadows of Goderdzi pass, test the natural narzan directly from the spring. We will see many exciting sights as arch bridges and waterfalls and a lot of lovely sceneries before arrived in Gonio, the township close to Batumi. 

We will live on the sea coast in Gonio township. It is a small and calmer township 7 km away from Batumi. You need about 20 minutes to the way from Gonio to Batumi by local bus.

Seventh day. A rest day.

Practice time

Breakfast at 10 am

Free day; sea, Batumi, Gonio fortress await you, if you wish.


Eighth day. Transfer to the Svaneti.

Practice time

Breakfast at 9 am

We start the way to the Svaneti, one of the most beautiful places in Georgia.

We visit the next sights during the way: Inguri dam, Dadiani palace, and other exciting places.

We stop in a guest house of Mestia or Mazeri depend on the weather.


Ninth and tenth days. Svaneti.

Practice time

Breakfast at 10 am

Primary, we visit the most interesting authentic places as Svan towers, the old house, churches. The second part of the program will depend on the weather. We will have a hike to the viewpoints in good weather or the master-class in the locals family in the bad weather.

Eleventh day. The road to home (Tbilisi, Kutaisi)

Practice time

Breakfast at 10 am

The transfer to Tbilisi or Kutaisi airoports.



Tour details

The program above is an example. It is a calm tour across Georgia with the primary goal look at the country without a hurry. We can change any points of the tour like an arrival airport, sights, days number, and etc., by an individual demand. 

The best season for the trip is from May till November.

I’m not a “Certificated yoga teacher”, but can provide classes and explain a philosophy of yoga and several techniques in cases of pranayama and hatha-yoga.

The minimal group for the tour is five persons.

The tour price is 1860 per person.

For yoga-teachers and groups of seven-person and more, the price is negotiable.

Price includes

  • Meet in Tbilisi
  • All transfers across the country
  • An escort guide
  • Accommodation. Guesthouses and family hotels 2-3 person rooms.
  • Breakfast

Price not includes

  • Yoga fees
  • Lunches (from 15 GEL per person)
  • Diners (from 20 GEL per person)
  • Enters tickets, where it will be need

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