Terms and Conditions

Booking rules


We take attention that all people are different, and each man can have private particular rituals and rules. For this reason, we will ask you to read with care and agree with the terms and conditions below. It is necessary because, in this way, GeTUR: Rafting & Travel company ( GeTUR in the text below ) will have an opportunity to provide high quality and safe service for you.


That information will be necessary during a booking request

Please, don't forget to leave your contact. It can be an e-mail, phone number with country code or WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram. A better way for you to booking one-day programs during high season (June till September) connect with GeTUR at 24 hours or more, start time before. We will glad if you call on ten days before start programs duration over two days to join it.


  • If you join to rafting activity, you must take clothes (like as swimsuit) that will be wear under the wet neoprene suit. These clothes will be wet after the trip. Also, you can take a towel.
  • Don't forget your own medicine
  • You will need to move during the rafting. If you join to simple tour, you will have a moving activity as on a good walking. If the grade of rafting is growing also are growing demands to participants, and if a participant isn't in good fitness condition on hard tours, the risk to get health harm will high. Be ready for it and ask all questions about the journey which will suit you before you will start or booking it.    
  • If you have an infectious illness, we can't allow you to join the trip.


You have needed no experience in most of GeTUR rafting tours. But you must read and agree with the rules below.


  • You need carefully listen to safety talk before rafting. 
  • You need to do what your guide will tell you. 
  • An adult is a human over 18 years old.
  • You need to tell us if you have any disease or physical disease that requires close attention to you.  
  • You need to wear all equipment like your guide will tell you. All helmets and life jackets must be fix firm and carefully. You can wear hats and hairstyles if it no hinder fasten your helmet well.
  • Each GeTUR raft is driving by a river guide, who has got special education. You need to listen and perform all claims of your guide. It is necessary because carefully performing guide claims has a direct influence on the participant's safety. 
  • All GeTUR guides have got high skills in rafting activity. The skills no depend on age or sex. All of them are continually training in case of working in extreme situations on the water. A guide knows the work well, and if you ignore his commands, it will have a direct influence on the safety of all boat crew. Because of that, the person who will ignore guide commands will dismiss from the trip.
  • People from the whole world come to our tours. People have different cultures, traditions, religions, and past. We respect all people, and we are asking tours participants have respect to guides and each other too.



Minimum age

During regard to booking requests, GeTUR leaves the right to cancel request on the trip from someone participants. We take over the decision with the influence of participant age, tour-grade, and environmental conditions like weather or water level in a river.  

For an ordinary trip up to 1-2 class: Minimum participant age is five years old ( 100 cm and 15 kg ). Each baby must be with an attendant adult person. For cold season minimum age is shifted to 9 years old ( 130 cm and 25 kg )


A middle difficulty trips, 2-3 class: Minimum age for this kind activity is over 13 years old with weight over 28 kg. Younger participants (from 9 to 12) will have the opportunity to join in tripping in case of warm weather and low water condition on the river. Each baby must be with an attendant adult person.   


The max-weight limit on our trips is 130 kg for each participant. Also, you need to remember that 3 class rafting doesn't require high fitness, but require a moving level more elevated than in ordinary city life.


Stressful trips, 4 class: It is an extreme activity with a high-risk level, these kinds of tours available only for high fitness people. We can't allow kids and weak persons to join these trips.



Medicine restrictions

If you are pregnant, we do not recommend you go to rafting. If you hid this fact and went to the rafting with us, all risks will be at your responsibility.

Please tell us about all your weaknesses before the trip. Diseases when we do not recommend joining to rafting, below. If you have any have an illness and want to join the journey, all risks of damaging your health will be on your responsibility.

  • Surgery in close past
  • Head injury
  • Neurological weakness
  • Epilepsy
  • Orientations weakness
  • Body shafts
  • Backs injury
  • Heart weakness
  • High or low pressure 
  • Joint disease
  • Diabetes
  • Allergic
  • Vision weakness
  • Hearing diseases


All of those diseases are not put a cross on able to be a participant of a rafting event or any other extreme activity. But you need to have attention to your health condition and choose a trip that will suitable directly for you. Please, always remember, all risks to hit your health during the trip will be on your responsibility. Set diseases that represented in the schedule above are not entire, and if you have any health weakness, please, ask the question about it during a booking request.



About equipment


We provide entire equipment for comfortable and safety rafting. During the trip you will apply on the next safety-equip:   

Neoprene wetsuit: We have wetsuits from 2XS to 3XL. We use two kinds of neoprene suits: long suits of 3mm thickness for cold weather and short suits of 2mm thickness for warm weather.

Life jacket: We have a high-quality life-jackets with sizes from 2XS to 2XL.

Shoes: We provide you neoprene or silicone shoes with sizes from 32 to 46.

Helmet: We have adjustment helmets for the head with a circle from 55 to 65 cm.

Notice! If your shoe sizes larger than available on our stock, take suitable footwear from home, please. The footwear must a good fixing on your feet. The shoes will be wet after the descent. If you have any questions, be kind to call us.


GeTUR can deny clients from rafting in cases below:

  • The client is in drugs or alcohol condition. 
  • The client is angry. The client swears and blaming to other participants or guides. 
  • If a client is not in acceptable condition for the tour (client are too weak, have a health problem, etc. ), and the client's disease can be a reason to crash the incident and injury for other participants.


The minimal number of participants in the group: 

  • By the safety term, we must have a minimum participant number on some trips.  
  • If the tour you are booking has the limit by the minimum participation rate number, we will tell you about it. And if the limit will not reach, we can cancel the trip by giving back your money or offering another trip.




We take for payments on the bank account in TBC bank in GEL, USD and EUR. Also, we can accept cash.

Payment by Master or Visa card isn't available at the moment.



Rafting relates to risk. Primary information about the responsibilities of clients and the company below.

Tour participants must clearly understand that all extreme programs, including  GeTUR programs related to some level of risks for health and life. 

Our guides have had specialized training and have skills to reduce risks during the tour. We also use high-quality safety equipment that is entirely acceptable to worldwide passive safety statements to minimize the risks.

If the trip has a high grade of risks, we also provide additional safety services, both active safeties like an extra guide, kayak safety or extra passive safety equip, etc.

We have the safety talk with the group on every trip. It means that we explain what you need or can do during the trip. We can provide the highest level of safety if tour participants will correctly perform guide commands.

But you must correctly understand that all extreme and active programs like rafting, hiking, horse riding, canyoning located in high-level risks to damage the health. Because of that, all risk of injury that can be getting during the programs a participant take on self. The tour participants grant to free from all of the claims and demands to GeTUR company ( include the GeTUR staff) include the situations present in a chart below and also from other events these not involved in the chart :


  • Health injury or dead
  • Losing or damage to property  
  • Pure accident cases
  • And other kinds of loss, damage or trials, and emotional diseases.


I'm a participant of extreme activity, agreed with point 1(a) to 6(f), which present below.


(a) I agreed that my relatives and representatives agree with these rules too (b) I decided and agreed that I have no psychical disease and other health problems to join the trip. (c) I decided and agreed that if I get a injure or illness during the journey, I will have no claim to GeTUR company and GeTUR staff due to this accident.

(d) I clearly understand that if I can't swim, my fitness condition is weak, or I have other problems with health, and due to those problems I can't paddle, perform a guide commands, that means I must tell about it before booking a trip. And if I hid these issues, I will take on the responsibility of these. And if my weakness will be a danger to other participants, I will deny from the trip without money chargeback.  

(e) I clearly understand that pregnants can not join to rafting. If I hide this information and participate in the journey, all risks of my injury will be on my responsibility.

(f) I clearly understand that if I cancel my trip during the trip, all charges of my transfer to start or finish point will appear on me, and the trip charge will not back to me too.