Ski resorts Tetnuldi and Hatsvali in season 2016-2017

Ski resorts of Svaneti are gaining popularity. Therefore, in the 2016-2017 season we went several times to the regional center of Mestia for studying infrastructures and studying the ski resorts of Khatsvali and Tetnuldi.

 Roads to Svaneti and to Hatsvali and Tetnuldi.

The main road of Javari-Mestia, in the winter it is mostly snow-covered snow, the road falls asleep and the track appears in heavy snowfalls, the roads do not always have time to clean, the parts of clean asphalt alternate with ice during spring thaws, sometimes the road closes for several hours for clearing from a blockage.

On the road a lot of sharp turns with a large angle of ascent or descent, so the mono drive, most of the winter, to Mestia will only reach the chains. Transit and Route Spinners travel, also using chains. Full car on winter tires, rises confidently and without chains. We had along the way the experience of pushing and pushing those who tried to go on the all-weather or summer. In this case, even full-fledged SUVs such as MMC Delica and Land Cruisers shod in the "all-weather" easily slipped into a snowdrift, when they try to drive up or move away from it.

At low cars - similarly, you can just hang on the bottom, if you're not lucky.

We drove on the all-wheel drive Honda StepWagon 2001 g.v. - Do not say that without problems, but nowhere is not stalled and even yanked on the way a few fans of riding in the summer.

Just several times went to the Mitsubishi Delica, if large snowfalls were expected.

The road of Mestia-Hatswali. From the center of Mestia to the cable car about 8 km, the first 2 is the main road, the slope is small and just as clean, then from the main road the road makes a right turn and starts to climb the mountain. The slope is more than 8 degrees, there are a couple of sharp turns with a strong slant towards the mountain and one near the mountain when you go back. The road even now is cleaned at least once a day, but after a heavy snowfall a rut is formed, but usually the cable car is opened for cleaning.

Under all these conditions, when the road is cleaned - saw on the top of the mono-drive cars and medium-short sprinters sometimes without chains.

Local owners of SUVs ask for a lift to Hatvali from 50 to 60 lari

Also in the plans for the 2017-2018 season is the construction of the lower line of the cable car, which will begin in Mestia and lead to the already existing line.

UPD: As of October 2017, an incision is cut through, partially supported. Whether they will start up for the season is an open question ...


The road of Mestia-Tetnuldi. From the center of Mestia to the cable car is about 16 km, the first 12 is the main road, the first 8 km the slope is small and is also cleaned, then the steeper slope starts, and after 4 km from the main road the road makes a left turn and starts to climb the mountain. This dirt road, a narrow slope in places large, in winter during snow or a thaw-freeze cycle, is quite difficult to climb even on a full drive, the mono drive is only on chains, and it is not always taken from the first time.

Local owners of off-road cars ask for a lift to Tetnuldi from 100 to 140 lari. Including the customer's expectation while he rolls.


In terms of living in Svaneti everything is very good. Housing is small and for different tastes. That in Mestia, that in the surrounding villages. There are hostels, there are hotels.

The average price for accommodation in the winter is about 20-30 GEL per person without food. With food already 45-55.

These are hostels, family hotels. We simply arranged for 20 lari in double rooms, but with amenities in the corridor and kitchen on the other floor. For 30 it was possible to take everything in the room. There were variants of family hotels with meals from 50. Full-priced hotels are naturally more expensive.

Booking - quite provides information on housing. At the same time when the device is in place, the price of light can be reduced by 15-20%.


In our opinion, it is better to order food along with housing, or to prepare independently. In Mestia there are markets, a mini market where most products can be bought.

Confirmed by several trips to Svaneti with tourist groups. In the family guesthouses the food was quite decent, tasty and plentiful. For their money.

In cafes and restaurants are mostly expensive, and the quality is rather mediocre.


We hope this information will help to plan your ski season 2017-2018 in Georgia!

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