Rafting tours from Batumi

Batumi is the capital of the Adjara autonomics and a rapidly grown town on the Black sea coast. The city is gaining popularity the tourist from different countries in the last decade. The tourists had the demands for different kinds of active rest close to the town, and on this wave was born the rafting service in 2015.

You can find a lot of information about nuances of the rafting organizing in Georgia in the next article  "Rafting in Georgia", the information about rafting service in the Adjara, you can see below.


History of the rafting in Adjara


Descents in Adjara were available before the 2015 year, too, but carried out by companies or guides who came from the other regions of Georgia. It was expensive and rare. There were not more than 2-3 descent during the year. The start point was in Maradidi village and the finish point was located close to the confluence of the Chorokhi and Ajaristskali rivers. 

Directly to the Maradidi village, we created the first rafting camp in Adjara in 2016. Sadly, but the launch of the new water dam on the Chorokhi broke that route, the descent became too dangerous, and we change the location of the camp in 2017. 

The small village Makhunceti located close to Batumi became the new location of the rafting camp in 2017. That year from the Makhunceti village, we had a nice one-hour family descent. That route was spoilt by the dam on the Adjaristskali river in 2018 year. The dam changed the river current, and the water level in the river became too low for rafting in the high season time ( from Jule till September). Boat pins in the stones and stops on the shores during the descents a lot of times, also from the standard trip duration left only 3 kilometers.

We changed the location again and were shifting to the Rioni river, where we had the opportunity to conduct the descents all year round. We provide trips from Batumi to this route several times a week in the summer season.

At the present close to Batumi we conduct short and easy trips with inflatable kayaks and rafts from our base in the region.

The rivers suitable for rafting close to Batumi

From Batumi, you can visit the following rivers Chorokhi, Adjaristskali, Machakhela, and Rioni. Nuances of the rafting organizing at those rivers are present below: 

Rafting on the Adjaristskali river

Adjaristskali is the main river of the Adjara. Several complex routes you can find on the river during a snow melting. But the water level falls from the middle of June and rafting on the river becomes more simple. From July, it is short descent for seniors and kids, no drive, no rapids at all. If the level will grown-up because of the rains, it will remain in normal condition for only a few days.

Descent with inflatable kayaks on the river is more enjoyable during the summer season. Still, if you don't look for extreme, you can choose a raft to gently descent with observing surrounded landscapes.

The start point of the trip is located an hour's drive from Batumi.
You can use the local bus number 77 to drive to the start point.


Rafting on the Machakhela river 

The Machakhela river locates in the same name valley. You can join the good trip of the 7 km stretch during snow melting in spring. The descent starts a little bit down Adjarasagmarti village and finishes close to Mirveti bridge on the Chorokhi river.

It isn't complex rafting, but there are rapids on the route. Also, the trip conducts on the picturesque river among the fantastic nature and villages in the local Georgian style on the shores of the river.

The level of the water in the river falls in the middle of June; we stop rafting from that period.

The start point of the trip is located an hour's drive from Batumi.


Rafting on the Chorokhi river 

Chorokhi is the biggest river in the Adjara, and one of the best rafting routes was on this river in the past. Chorokhi is one of the biggest rivers in Adjara. Rafting trips were carried out only that river several years ago. But after building new dams on the river at Georgian and Turkey sides, this kind of activity was stopped. Now available only one route from the last dam located close to Makho village and with the finish at the confluence with the Black sea. It is simple rafting well suited for a family vacation. The duration of that trip is about 14 kilometers. The water level in the river regulate by the dam, and usually, descents have a place in the afternoon.

The road from Batumi takes about 30 minutes.


Rafting on the Rioni river 


As well known, Rioni is one of the famous rivers in Georgia, that river follows through Kutaisi city and rafting trips carry out all year round here. For visitors from Batumi can be interested in the next trip on that river. It is a friendly family rafting trip of 18 kilometers stretch, that trip is not so hard but is not too boring and suit for all participants as whom come on the rafting firstly and as whom had experience before.   The trip is available like summer, like winter too.

Descent duration is from 1,5 to 2,5 hours and depends on the season and the water lever in the river. On the trip, you will stop at the confluence with the beautiful Lekhidari river wherein warm time of the year you can have jumped to water from the rocks.    

We organize the tours on that route from Batumi several times a week during the summer season. On those trips, you will have the opportunity to observe the most popular sights of Kutaisi too.

The road from Batumi takes about 3,5 hours minutes.