Arch Bridge of Queen Tamara

In the Middle Ages, the bridges were of particular importance, as well as on the territory of modern Adjara seething life, their construction has been vital to the existence of the state, population movements of troops and goods.

At present on the territory of Adjara there are more than 20 preserved arched bridge, called "Bridge of Tamara." This name they got from the fact that according to historians, it was on the orders of the Georgian Queen Tamara, began their active construction. It is believed that most of the arch bridge was built in IV-VII centuries. n. e.

These bridges are masterpieces of engineering at the time, they are compact, easy to use and incredibly strong. Despite all zemeletryaseniya, war is constantly coming out of the banks of the river, they were safe and sound. At the same time, they can withstand even a modern car!

Not to mention their beauty, they are extremely fit harmoniously into the surrounding landscape.