Arch Bridge of Queen Tamara

In the Middle Ages, the arch bridges were essential to conduct the ways of trading and military force. Those constructions built across the territory of the modern Adjara and Northern Turkey.

At present, on the territory of Adjara remains more than twenty arched bridges, called by people the "Bridge of Tamara." The name bridges got from the fact accorded to the ancient history; it was on the orders of the Georgian Queen Tamara, began building that type of bridges. It explains why most of the arch bridges constructed in XI - XIII centuries. n. e.

These bridges are masterpieces of engineering at that time, and they are compact, easy to use, and incredibly strong. The arch bridges saved today despite all earthquakes, wars, and floods. At the same time, they can take on even a modern car!

The beauty of the bridges aren't to mention, and they are extremely fit harmoniously into the surrounding landscape.