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Makhunceti rafting is one of the easiest and shortest rafting in Adjara but, at the same time, one of the most popular whitewater rafting routes on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. The descent runs along the River Adjaristskali, which is the main waterway of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, located in the west part of Georgia.

Rafting starts in the same-name village of Makhuntseti, located 30 km away from the center of Batumi. Nearby the starting point of the route is the famous 54-meter high Makhuntseti waterfall, a medieval arch bridge, as well as the aqueduct of the Adjara Hydroelectric Power Station.


Safety during rafting tours:

The raft is navigated by a qualified guide who has been trained by the international methodology of the International Rafting Federation (IRF), including dealing with extreme situations.

The guide has run along the route multiple times and knows all the potential hazards that might be on the water.

We provide necessary protective and safety gear, such as a helmet, life jacket, and wetsuit for every guest.

Before the descent starts, we will have a safety briefing with participants where will explains in detail what can or cannot be done on the boat, how the whole process works, and how to act in emergencies.

You can learn more safety tips by clicking here.




Tour details

The duration of the route in spring and early summer is about 5 kilometers; at this time of year, it’s a dynamic ride on fast-flowing water, with several exciting rapids. During this period we equip all our guests with wetsuits.

The rafting duration in July, August, September, and also in winter is 3 kilometers. The descent will be significantly simplified due to the low water level in the river. At some points, it becomes impossible to pass through the river. Rafting becomes available even for children over six years old, as there are almost no rapids along the way. The water temperature in summer is 16-20 degrees.

The time on the water is 40 minutes.

Rafting price:

200 GEL per group with less than 3 guests

50 GEL for each participant in groups 4 and more participants

For groups over 12 guests, as well as travel agencies working on an ongoing basis - good discounts are provided.

Price includes


We provide for all equipment and safety gear such as paddle, helmet, life jacket, and wetsuit.

Price not includes

Трансфер из Батуми и обратно

от 110 GEL на группу


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Один маршрут - два впечатления. Май весна - река ураган, дух захватывает. Август, воды нет, идем пешком, но хоть покупаться можно ))) Ребята, теперь я буду вас слушать, приеду летом, не буду больше жадничать - поеду на Риони )


День рожденья удался! С погодой не повезло, но как оказалось, если осенью идет дождь, то в реке есть вода. Сергей - спасибо, впечатления на всю жизнь и самое главное, вы так и не рассказали, как можно быть таким спокойным??? ))


Будьте осторожны!

Ребята из  GeTUR  профи, два года назад в Махунцети они делали нам сплав, но теперь ЭТОЙ КОМПАНИИ ТАМ НЕТ, там работает кто-то другой. 

Хорошо остался телефон и смогли связаться.  

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