Gomarduli ski resort

In 2017 the Gomarduli ski resort started work at 30 of December. That resort located 70 km away from Batumi close to the same name village.

We had no interest in the local dances and songs and came to the resort on 31 of December.

The resort is straightforward: the lift and wide slope length of 300 meters with a low grade. There is snow wildland on the left side with small knolls.  The lift is free, ski rent isn't expensive.

Fresh snow didn't visit Adjara for about two weeks and the slope was like a piece of ice. Only locals boys were riding here on that day. About three of them knew a little bit about ski technique, others went up and down quickly as that was possible.

At the resort, there are several nice houses available to rent.

What we think about that place... if you will be the fresh snow in mounts and you will have a free day, you can come here to make the ramp and have a jump training. You will need about 1,5 hours to the way from Batumi.

To coaching of basic skills will be a better drive to Goderdzi, in our opinion.