Rafting training in Georgia

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On course will explains the essential basic skills and techniques of rafting to participants of the course. The program includes the theoretical base and training of practical skills. The program duration is four days and split into two parts: flat water and white water, each one of 2 days. We analyze both the descent with clients and the descent with experienced participants. On the course you will get:

  • Essential information about whitewater rafting
  • Safety basis / actions / equipment / signals
  • Rafting equipment / types / using / storage
  • Main technique / descent / paddling / driving / turns
  • Main commands
  • Actions during the roll
  • Work with ropes
  • Practice

The first part (flat water)

This part takes two days, each day needs 4-5 hours on the coaching.  The first step is theoretical, the second one is practice. We will analyze the next aspects this part of the course:  

Theoretical part:

  • Which is the rafting equipment (rafts, kayaks, clothes to different seasons, paddles, lifejackets, helmets, other safety devices)
  • Safety technique (passive and active safety)
  • The technique of paddling (fitness, the theoretical basis of paddling, the ruling of the boat)
  • Commands on the boat
  • Fitness (special exercises)

 Practical part:

  • Safety talk on the rafting
  • Safety: The swimming (active and passive), rolling technique, help to swimmers, using the safety tools.
  • Work with ropes
  • Paddling technique
  • Turns technique
  • Boat driving, commands to the crew
  • Fitness and special exercises.

The second part (rivers class 2-3)

This part takes two days too. Education will take from 5 to 7 hours each day. We start the day from the theoretical briefing, and after that starts a practice part. We will analyze and repair mistakes that appear during practice at the end of the day.  We will be teaching the next aspects:

Theoretical part:

  • Safety on the whitewater, type of the rapids
  • The optimal line of the boat
  • Commands on the river
  • Swiming technique
  • Self safe technique
  • How we can help victims

 Practical part:

  • The ruling of the boat in the current; the stop technique
  • The rapids ride technique
  • Swimming, the crossing of the river.

Tour details

We conduct the course

from April till June in Adjara region

From Jule till November in Racha region

Program price, for a group of 5-6 participants, is: 

180 GEL per person for the first part

330 GEL per person for the second part.

Price includes

  • Training
  • Essential equip for training ( raft, paddles, helmets, Lifejackets, ropes, wetsuits)
  • Transfers

Price not includes

  • Accommodation
  • Meals



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