Goderdzi pass

The Goderdzi pass is striking the fantastic sceneries. You can take to pencil this place while planning your trip across Georgia. The important point is that way Batumi - Vardzia through mounts is shorter than the route through Kutaisi. The road across Goderdzi passes through exciting sceneries, those views lovely no less than the views in the Svaneti.

The pass located between both Georgian districts the Adjara and Samtskhe-Djavaheti. From the Adjara side, you can find the next villages Danisparauli, Khulo, Shuakhevi, Keda. From the other side located Zarzma, Adigeni, Akhaltsikhe villages. But the part of the way from Zarzva to Khulo is the dirty and bad quality road and in winter or case of bad weather, it can be closed. Usually, you can drive through the pass by any kind of car from June till October. In other months the 4 wheel drive car is better.

You need about two hours to drive through the pass (Khulo to Zarma) without stops, but it isn't possible, because of the lovelies of surrounded sceneries. The desire to stop for photo appears on each turn of the road. That means you can take 6 hours to drive from Batumi to Akhaltsikhe to have enough time.