Goderdzi pass

The pass is striking in its beauty, and in the preparation of the destinations of Georgia it is worth considering to visit all the more so at a distance from the road to Batumi Borjomi through this pass, shorter than a similar route through Kutaisi. Road through Goderzi passes for fabulous places, its views, it can even compete with the roads the upper Svaneti.

Pass originates in the temple Zarzma area passes through the mountain villages of Khulo and Shuakhevi, and ends in Keda district of Adjara. But it is necessary to take into account that the road away from Khulo Zarzma to this soil, not the best quality, and in bad weather conditions can be blocked at any time due to the landslide. But as usual in the period from May to September this road you can drive any car. In others, it is desirable to use an SUV with all-wheel drive.

Time that you want to pass the pass the pass Goderdzi possible in good weather is about 3-4 hours, if you go non-stop. What we can say - it is impossible. I would like to stop at every turn for a beautiful photo. By this is better to lay on the road for 6 hours.