Goderdzi ski resort- what it is?

Goderდzi is a new ski resort in the Republic of Adjara (Georgia), which began work in 2014. It is located only 113 km from Batumi and has an excellent potential for development. Below is information on this place.

Road Batumi-Goderzi

The distance is small, only 113 km, but at the time of writing the report (November 2017), it is necessary to pawn about 4 hours on the road.

The first section of Batumi - Khulo (about 85 km), pretty decent asphalt (there are potholes from the heavy trucks), cleaned up, but sometimes it can be ice.

The second is Khulo-Goderdzi. There is only 1 km of asphalt, the rest of the road is a freezing primer, sometimes with a large track, the last 15 km is a strip about 2.5 meters wide pierced in the thickness of the snow, with the height of the walls sometimes above 3 meters.

To Khulo you can reach almost any transport with the appropriate rubber season. Above is only an SUV. The locals drive on old bus Transit and Sprinters by shoeing them in a chain, but this transport often rises and must be pushed out.

In Hulo, off-road taxis are also on duty with whom they can arrange for a transfer.

Where to go for a drive on Goderdzi

The scheme of the resort in the photo at the bottom of the article

There are two cable cars

1st turn: DOPELMAYER (Zanka) - gondola type, 8 local cabins

2nd turn: DOPELMAYER - closed chair lift, 6 seats

The slopes are shallow, wide, with a slight slope. On the lower route there are practically no sharp changes. Learn here is a pleasure climbing on the first cable car, it's possible to roll down a long wide and gentle slope, on which there are practically no people.

If you climb higher on the second cable car, you can get a steep slope, as well as several options for trails.

For off-piston riding, the place fits perfectly. There are a lot of snow, there are almost no steep cliffs, the forest is not thick. It is not difficult to lay a dozen routes outside the route starting from the ski lift and going down to it.

Accommodation on Goderdzi

You can live in cottages and a hotel near the ski lifts, or in guesthouses in the village of Danisparauli, 4 km below the ski lifts.

Details with photos and prices of our article about housing on Goderdzi


Infrastructure, skipass

The resort has a ski and snowboard rental price of 25 GEL per set per day.

There are small shops where you can buy hamburgers, chocolates, and drink tea and coffee.

And also the most skipas in Georgia.