River descents in Georgia

07.03.2018   9164

Georgia is an amazing country locates in Caucasus mounts. Georgian mounts, rivers, and nature created directly for all kinds of travels. No wonder that tours in Georgia gain popularity in at last years.

In the Georgian lands, there are more than hundreds of rivers the most of them locate in the beautiful nature parks. On banks of other streams and rivers, find old towns, castles, towers, waterfalls, and other sights. That is why in Georgia, gain number of visitors who prefer rafting or kayaking adventures.

GeTUR is a team of professionals who organize all kinds of whitewater activities: rafting, kayaking, etc in Georgia. We arrange and provide like one-day tours on the rivers: Adjaristkali, Chorokhi, Rioni, Tshenistskali, Kura(Mtkvari), Aragvi, etc from March till November, like as the multidays raft-tours and travels with rafting activity. Those tours fit all, like novice rafters, that like professionals.

For participants who are professional in rafting or kayaking, we organize tours in Georgia also. We offer the kayak tours, coach courses of rafting and kayaking, and professional transfer service for individual teams. We are living in Georgia, work in tourism service, know the country, and can arrange high-quality logistics of your tour. With our logistics, you will spend more time on the water, but not on the road. We are travelers too. We prefer to spend free time in travels around Georgia to find new routes and gain in our logistics and communication skills. Also, we don’t close the area of our journeys, only Georgian territories. We travel around the world and love to study and get new skills from world professionals.

If you are looking for a team, which provides high-quality organizing of your tour in Georgia - WELCOME.