Borjomi (rafting, horse ridding) one-day MICE program

The program was provided in June 2022. 

9 am start from Tbilisi on the bus.

Stopping during the road for a coffee break in the middle of the way close to Gori city.

At 12 am arrived at our camping 6km away from Borjomi, the group was divided into two parts. For the first part of participants provided rafting, and for the second horse riding. After groups changed activity. 

The groups met together after activities (about 4 pm) in the camp and were provided dinner with the next menu:

Barbeque, river fish, roasted potato, khachapuri, lobiani, local cheese, vegetables, water, juice, and wine ( 200ml for a person).

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The price of the tour was  230 GEL per person in a group of 42 participants.