Gvara Fortress

Gvara Fortress is located 300 meters from the river and the arrow Machahlistkali Chorokh on a hill that dominates the valleys of the rivers. With the fortress okryvaetsya wonderful overview on the valley, they are reviewed for many kilometers.

Currently, most of the walls of the fortress destroyed, especially the southern and north west. But the remaining reach a height of 5-6 meters.

Inlet excavations, it was found that the fortress Gvara (Fortess Gvara) was built in 5-6 century AD. The fortress was actively used in 8 - 14 th century AD. Its strategic importance in view of the successful geographical location, was extremely high. Owning it can be monitored Valley Machakhela Chorokh and rivers, bringing to have under control the way to the Black Sea.