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Hi there,

My name calls in the Georgian language Sergo; with my wife, we founded the GeTUR project about ten years ago, when was take the decision to shift my hobby in the profession.
From 2000 year I was a lover of water activities like kayaking, water tourism, rafting and have several international certificates about guide skills in that work.
Our business in Georgia started from the creation of the WhiteWater Rafting base in the Adjara region. We were the first and become a little bit famous. But 1-hours raft descents weren't the business of a dream. And when the white water quality in Adjara fell down, because of building dams in Adjara. We changed the main direction of the business.
Now like the main work we create and provide the "soft extreme" and outdoor activities in Georgia. We do the tours that include rafting, ridding, off-road, hiking and etc.
We make an accent on the "soft extreme", because the real hard adventure needs specific skills from guides, and in the country, there is so low cont of those people. We can do that, but to do a real extreme tour with the high safety, mostly we need to invite the guides from other countries and the trip budget will high.

Our team consists of locals and foreigners who chose Georgia as the second home.  We are living in Georgia and quite well know the country, language, local traditions, culture, lifestyle, hidden and famous sights. On the other hand, we traveled like tourists in Georgia and other countries too, and quite well understand what can be attractive to foreigners. We friendship with logic and can make up an understandable and accessible logistic across Georgia.

We have received professional skills training, certified by the International Rafting Federation (IRF), Guides Association of Georgia and Adjara, etc. We have experience in organizing various tourist events in Georgia and abroad. We love our job. 

If you are looking for a well-organized, exciting and safe journey, feel free to call us or send us a message, and we will arrange it for you!

Our guides

Sergey Sazonov

Director, Manager, Raft guide, Guide
Rafting Tours

I'm the founder of GeTUR company, rafting guide and trip-leader class 3(by IRF standards), kayak safety class 3, guide of "Adjara Guides Federation". I have a tour guide experience from the 2005 year.

Sazonova Daria

Manager, Guide

The manager and excursion guide in company.

Toma Pruidze

Raft guide
Rafting Trekking

The IRF raft-guide and trip-leader class 3, the paddling instructor in the sports school. 

David Kravchenko

Guide, Driver
Tours Driver

David is guide, who provides transfers and excursions in east part of Georgia.

Alexandre Kenchadze

Raft guide
Rafting Trekking

IRF raft-guide class 2.


Gocha Aiozba


Gocha is a good mate and a professional driver with knowledge of Georgia.