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Hi there,

My name calls in the Georgian language Sergo; I’m the founder of the GeTUR project that born about ten years ago. That time with my wife Daria, we came the first time in Georgia. It was not the first country in our travel schedule; before that, we travel around quite part of the CIS and also visited countries like Turkey, Egypte, European Union, etc. 

Look back at that time, I can say that the travels were our hobby, which took all the free time that we had. Georgia became the lovefest place where we came to walking, hiking, rafting, and other adventures. Also, acquaintance with the local cuisine and traditions was no less reason, too, to went back to Georgia several times in the year. We drove through the country to learned it and visit different places include not the famous and low popular of ordinary tourists.  

The journeys became more and more often, the knowledge of the country grow too. We carried out the detailed research of Adjara in 2015 and decided that it is an ideal place to organize the raft camp to conduct the simple one-hours rafting. So, we weren’t far away from the truth at that time. We had experience in rafting, and in 2016, after sold the old business we start this project in Adjara, the rafting service quite quickly became popular. 

Further, we had several years of working in different directions of the tourism sphere. At present, due to a lot of changes in the situation on the rivers and realities of life in Georgia, we decide that we only want to do that we can do best and that we like to do. 

 At the present day the GeTur company is the community of professional guides in Georgia offering services below:

  •  We provide the rafting service, create logistics to carry out the active trips around the country.

We have special transport, boats and all the necessary equipment including the neoprene wetsuits and shoes to provide rafting for groups above 100 participants.

  • We conduct multi-day tours in Georgia with an accent to organizing the particular journey, especially for active people.  
  • One and two-day excursions. We make an accent in the way of not ordinary trips.
  • Hiking, camping
  • We offer the support for professional groups or full organizing of the extreme trips (kayaking, rafting, skiing, canyoning, etc.)

Our team consists of locals and foreigners who chose Georgia as the second home.  We are living in Georgia and quite well know the country, language, local traditions, culture, lifestyle, hidden and famous sights. On the other hand, we traveled like tourists in Georgia too, and quite well understand what can be attractive to foreigners. We friendship with logic and can make up an understandable and accessible logistic across Georgia.

We have received professional skills training, certified by the International Rafting Federation (IRF), Guides Association of Georgia and Adjara, etc. We have experience in organizing various tourist events in Georgia and abroad. We love our job. 

If you are looking for a well-organized, exciting and safe journey, feel free to call us or send us a message, and we will arrange it for you!

Our guides

Sergey Sazonov

Director, Raft guide, Guide
Rafting Tours

I'm the founder of GeTUR company, rafting guide and trip-leader class 3(by IRF standards), kayak safety class 3, guide of "Adjara Guides Federation". I have a tour guide experience from the 2005 year.

Toma Pruidze

Raft guide
Rafting Trekking

The IRF raft-guide and trip-leader class 3, the paddling instructor in the sports school. 

Sazonova Daria

Manager, Guide

I'm a co-owner of the company. My role is manager and tour guide.

Alexandre Kenchadze

Raft guide
Rafting Trekking

IRF raft-guide class 2.


Gocha Aiozba


Gocha is a good mate and a professional driver with knowledge of Georgia.