Safety on the rafting. Tips from professionals.

09.01.2019   18368

It's not so necessary why you decided to go on the rafting: it can be a wish to test something new, to have an active outdoor adventure, or you try to find the right adventure to teambuilding. We can say that good rafting is suitable for any of those queries. Also, raft descent can be suitable for people without previous experience in rafting and people with a middle health fit.

Rafting on the Rioni river

A rafting descent isn't an adventure only for crazy sportsmen. In the modern world that activity suits most of the people from child to seniors, usually enough only middle fit condition. But there is one important moment: you need carefully check the below points and the positive emotions will be left with you for a long time.  

 Safety is the main base for all kinds of outdoor activities. And to get the fun with the low-risk level you must follow the next easy rules. We collected advicees from professionals in the rafting business from the whole world and our own experience in the article below. And we will hope that those advisees help you to provide a good and safe time on the water.

Easy rafting safety rules   

Choose professionals

When you book rafting, ask additional questions. How many times has the company worked in the business? Who will be your guide? Which experience have the company guides (it mean which trainings they had and had or not any certificates)? Have the company or not the license? Which equipment provides the company? The answers to those questions can help you understand the professional level of the company. Real professional always follows the standard safety rules, because of that you will have a high level of safety.   

The price isn't the main touchstone of the quality. The high-quality service can't cost cheap, but standard service in the professional company usually has the same level or can be chipper than the price from cheaters. 

The life jacket always must be fixed well

If you wear the lifejacket like a free T-Shirt - you have no safety guarantee even in a calm river. Remember! The lifejacket must be fixed on the body well. All straps must be fixed, the fix closed.  The trick is that you must have no variants take off the jacket up through head when your arms climb up too. The right worn lifejacket is the safety touchstone.