Hike along Svaneti mountains

20.08.2018   2881

It was light, but very beatiful hike in the Svaneti 4 days duration for group of 16 person.

Track was held by one of our guides in august 2018.

Track line and timing:

1 day Tetnuldi cablecar - Adishi (camp near a river). Hike 12 km stretch

2 day Crossing of the river Adishchala - Podedendronus pass - camp near Halde glacier. Hike 10 km stretch

3 day Crossing the Halde glacier - Karreta pass - Shara glacier - valley of the Inguri river. Hike 14 km stretch

4 day Hike to Ushguli village, check out from route to Mestia . Hike 8 km stretch, car drive 40 km stretch

Group well past the hike, purchased a new expirence, a lot of photos and amazing impressions!