Chkhuneti Fortress

Fortress Chkhuneti located on the left bank of the river Machakhela on the small hill. The fortress built to control the essential trade and military ways in south Georgia. The Chkhuneti was too important in the middle ages by the excellent location on the cross of several main roads.

The fortress square is about 200 square meters, but regrettably, most of the walls and buildings inside are damaging at the present moment. We suppose that the high of the wall was about 8 meters with 1 to 2 meters thickness in the past.  On the territory located many household buildings, rooms for accommodation, and water wells. The underground way to river remained at the present moment; the way length is about 30-32 meters height up to 1,2 meter.

The unusual and beautiful view on the Machakhela river valley is opening from the walls of Chakhuneti fortress.