Chkhuneti Fortress

Fortress Chkhuneti located on the left bank of the river Machakhela, high-holme.Krepost was built for the control of important trade and military routes in the South Georgian regions. Due to its favorable position in the South of Adjara, Chhutuneti fortress from the beginning of its construction was extremely important in the Middle Ages, as the Most of tracks on the Black Sea coast passed through it.

The area of ​​the fortress is estimated at 200 square meters, but unfortunately Most of the buildings and walls, damaged or poslnostyu destruction. Although it can be assumed that the height of the fortress walls, during the active use of the fortress reached 8 meters in height with a thickness from 1 up to two meters. Also on the territory of the fortress there were a lot of outbuildings and premises. The wells from which they could extract water from the river. At the moment, preserved underground passage by which it was possible to get out of the castle into a ravine nearby. Its length is estimated to be 30-32 meters, ceiling height to 1,2metra.

With Fortress provides stunning views of the river valley and the eponymous Machakhela Reserve.