• Paddling technique

    02.06.2020   3406

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  • Safety on the rafting. Tips from professionals.

    09.01.2019   18369

    It's not so necessary why you decided to go on the rafting: it can be a wish to test something new, to have an active outdoor adventure, or you try to find the right adventure to teambuilding. We can say that good rafting is suitable for any of those queries. Also, raft descent can be suitable for people without previous experience in rafting and people with... more

  • Hike along Svaneti mountains

    20.08.2018   11763

    It was light, but a gorgeous hike in the Svaneti 4 days duration for a group of 16 people.

    The hike was lead by our guides in August 2018.

    Track line and timing:

    1-day Tetnuldi cablecar - Adishi (camp near a river). Hike 12 km stretch

    2-day Crossing of the river Adishchala - Podedendronus pass - camp near Halde glacier. Hike 10 km stretch

    3-day Crossin... more

  • River descents in Georgia

    07.03.2018   8897

    Georgia is an amazing country locates in Caucasus mounts. Georgian mounts, rivers, and nature created directly for all kinds of travels. No wonder that tours in Georgia gain popularity in at last years.

    In the Georgian lands, there are more than hundreds of... more

  • Rafting on the Rioni river

    04.02.2018   9306

    River Rioni is the main water artery of Georgia.

    The Rioni River (geo რიონი) is one of the largest rivers in South Caucasus and the largest in Georgia. In ancient times the river was known as the Phasis. From May to mid-July - during the active snow melting, this is a deep, dangerous... more

  • Rafting tours in Georgia

    28.11.2017   2894

    Active trips gain in popularity in Georgia. This fact isn’t surprising, in the country are all that need for active adventures like rapid rivers, high mountains, amazing sceneries. Georgian nature provides many possibilities to a solution of different requests from energetic people who prefer adventure and activity to lazy rest. Specialists in service of ac... more

  • Rafting for kids in Georgia

    22.11.2017   3630

    The mountain rivers in Adjara are warm in the summer season. When Batumi is hot, you are welcome to the mountain Adjara; here are fresh and cool. The water level in rivers falls, and rapids become pure in the summer months. And if kids want activity on water too...

    We do it.

    We need only a ... more

  • Travel to Mtkvari river

    22.11.2017   5190

    November 2017 was surprisingly warm, and the GeTUR guides decided to go on the short trip along the Kura-Mtkvari River (Samtskhe-Javakheti region, Georgia) to see what changes had on the river lately.

    A hydro dam on a Turkey side regulates the water level in the river. In the absence of the rains and active snow melting, the w... more