Batumi is picturable, beautiful, and free an international city on the Black sea - the pearl of modern Georgia.

The stones beaches lie along the city coast, and many tourists come here in the summer season. City life doesn't stop day and night, too. Many famous DJs come to the city to conduct parties in the night clubs of the city. There are different hotels in Batumi from cheap Guesthouses to expensive apartments and the five stars hotels. Also, the restaurants, in the past decade opened many places with different kitchens in the city. You can start from traditional Georgian and finish to exotic offers. The natural Georgian wines, also, represent in specialized firm shops in Batumi.

Hospitality is one of the primary features of Georgians. The folk of Georgia loves guests and try to help each tourist. There is a good tradition through tourists come back to the Adjara again and again.

Guests love Batumi for the sun, sea, beaches, and the opportunity to spend free time. A lot of sights of mountain Adjara available to tourists all year round. You can find here as a calm rest and as active tours like rafting, off-road, or hiking.