Rafting "Okatse"

The new rafting - route on the Tskhenistskali river 11 km of stretch that provides in low river section close to famous Okatse canyon. That descent wasn't popular in past, because to the starting point was too bad and dirt road, and we can't to made frequent raft-descents here. But in 2021 was build the new road to Dzedzeleti village and now we can present that trip to guests of Georgia.

We start the descent close to the place where river Okatce comes to Tskhenistskali and finish after the village of Khidi.

In the spring and early summer seasons, it is the nice middle-grade rafting on the full river. At that time we need about 1 - 1,5 on the descent.

In Jule and August water levels in the river fall down and the descent becomes easier. In that season there are several light rapids and places to swim on the route.  We need about 2-3 hours on the descent at that time of the year.

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