The village of Khulo in Mountain Adjara

Local centre  Khulo in Ajara Mountain, located 80 km from the city of Batumi, on the road in Samtskhe-Dzhavanheti collected a lot of interesting things for tourists.

There is a monastery - Shalta resort Beshumi, Alpine Green Lake, inaccessible fortress Khikhani, and many monasteries, castles, churches and mosques is less (Uchho, Vardtsihe and others). After Khulo passes transadzharskaya trail that connects Batumi to Akhaltsikhe through Goderzi pass.

At the same Khulo, there are banks, shops, tourist information center. As well as the cable car (or funicular) passing over a beautiful canyon Adzharistkali river. Ride on it is not difficult to work every day from 8 am to 8 pm, with a lunch break from 14 to 15 hours. But this kind of open to it - fascinating.

The place is definitely worth a visit if you are traveling on a mountain of Adjara.