Tetnuldi ski resort

Tetnuldi is the largest modern ski resort in Svaneti, more of which in Georgia is only Gudauri.

Tetnuldi is a young resort, it was opened in February 2016. His trails, he sprawled on the slopes of the eponymous Tetnuldi mountain, whose height is 4858 meters above sea level. The resort itself is located at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level, and a diverse skiing area passes at altitudes of 2,260 m. - 3,036 m above sea level, adjacent to the centuries-old glaciers of the Caucasus Mountains.

Due to the altitude, the winter season in Tetnuldi can be opened already in November and ride up to May. As experts note, the snow in Tetnuldi in May is better in quality than the snow in the Alps in January. By the time of the opening, 7 km of trails and one cable car were available for skiing. By December 2017, Tetnuldi can offer 25 km of trails, the longest of which is 9.5 km and 3 lifts of French production (POMA).

The number of tracks - 16, among which there are tracks for beginners and confident riders (blue and red), as well as "black" trails for professionals. An extensive area for skiing allows you to engage in freeride. The height difference is 900 m. The capacity is 3200 people per hour, in the future it is planned to increase to 8,000.

Daytime skipass in 2017-2018 costs 40 GEL ($ 15).

In addition to excellent trails, modern lifts in Tetnuldi there is nothing: no hotels, no guesthouses, no cafes, rentals, etc. In general, all skiers are located in Mestia or the nearest villages, such as: Adishi and Zhabeshi, these villages are flocked to the main routes of ski tours.

In Mestia you can find hotels for different tastes and purse, some of them include a shuttle service to Tetnuldi. The town has everything you need: shops, restaurants, attractions, spa, transport, which can get to the ski resort of Tetnuldi, on average the trip from Mestia to Tetnuldi will cost $ 25 (about 15 km).

You can get to Mestia from any of the 3 large cities: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi. From Tbilisi to Mestia it is possible to get there by shuttle bus, the cost of the trip is about 40-50 GEL per person, the trip time is 8 hours. You can get by train Tbilisi-Zugdidi, the price is 25-23 GEL, the journey time is 3 hours. From Zugdini to Mestia (140 km) you can reach the minibus.

The Tbilisi-Mestia airplane will fly 1.5 hours. Price: 60 GEL one way. But in winter this service may not be available most of the time.

There are no direct minibuses from Batumi, you need to change to Zugdidi. The price of the trip Batumi-Zugdidi: 20-30 GEL, Zugdidi-Places: 20-30 GEL. Total time But on the way: 6 hours.

Kutaisi-Places Marsh: 25 GEL, Despite the complete absence of the hotel and entertainment sector, Tetnuldi has a number of advantages: incredible beauty in nature, breathtaking landscapes, lack of a large number of people, no queues, cultural and architectural values ​​that can be studied by yourself take in your spare time, affordable prices for accommodation, low price for ski passes.