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The high mountain Svaneti is a region located in the North-West part of Georgia. Incredibly, but was no car way to the region before the middle of the XX century. Drive duration to Svaneti in former times was about full-day. The high-quality road was built only one decade ago. Isolation from the big world became the reason that the old traditions and an authentic lifestyle were saved in many parts of the region. You can see that many local houses were built with stones. Farmers use buffalos with sleds on the fields and roads. Also, local families saved many ancient traditions and rituals.

Upper Svaneti is a legendary mountain area with the capital in Mestia township. The local scenery is hitting from the first shoot. Snow mountain peaks are white all year round. The rapid rivers flow along deep ravines. We can't find the right words to explain to you all about the surrounded beauty correctly. This utterance is valid at the hundred percent: "If you weren’t in Svaneti, you didn’t see Georgia.”

Now, there are all that you need in Svaneti. All kinds of accommodation are available here. You can choose as the cheap guesthouses as the four stars hotels that have big rooms and lovely views from the window. Here there is both an alpine-style township for tourists and authentic villages that hide in the mountains. You find many mountain trails of different grades of difficulty in the Svaneti.  Some of them are accessible with the drive on off-road cars, other ones available with hiking or horse riding only. In the region, there are a lot of old churches, unusual traditions and rituals, also palatable national dishes from pure ecological products.

Several days spent in the Svaneti will be the right choice if you like outdoor adventure.  

Program of a standard three-days trip, below 

 Day 1

We will meet nearby your hotel at 8 am to start a drive to Mestia.

The total drive duration will be about 6-7 hours that include stops in beautiful places like Dadiani Palace, the Dam on the Inguri river, the confluence of Inguri and Haishi rivers. The last 100 km of the way is a rare and fantastic mountain road. We will arrive in Mestia afternoon. We will accommodate in a local guesthouse or hotel of your choice and will have a walk in the township. During the walk, we can test the pure mineral water directly from spring locates in the Mestichala river canyon, and also we visit ancient house-museum with Svan tower. 

Day 2

We will drive to Ushguli village the highest point of Europe, where people live all year round. There we can observe the village and also, go on the trek to the root of Shkhara mount (like an option we can do it by horses) 

Day 3

Hikking to Chaaladi Glaser. It is easy tracking for all about 4 km stretch. 

After hiking we will drive to the Hakhili viewpoint and after start back way to the city about 3 pm

 It is a program of the simplest trip to Svaneti. This program helps to see the region without an extra rush. But a better choice is 3 and more days trip if you have free time. You can see many interesting places and scenery like the Mazari waterfalls, Ushba, Chaaladi, Shara glaciers, etc, the highest mountain village Ushguli, Kuruldi lakes during more longer tour… Also, you can get training in cooking on the local master class, hike along by trails of Mulakhi, Adishi, Becho, etc, etc, etc…


You can connect with our manager to create and confirm another program which more suitable for yours.

Tour details

The optimal departure time from Batumi is 8 am.

Homing to Batumi from 8 to 10 pm

In Mestia available several types of accommodation


The accommodation price for the room is ( breakfast include):


  • 30 USD  Guesthouse (room for two persons)
  • 40 USD Family hotel (room for two persons)
  • from 60 USD 3 stars hotel  and over (room for two persons)

Excursion price:

The minimum amount of the tour is 320 $ per group of 3 participants.  For a larger group, need to pay  95 $ per person.

Price includes


Professional guide

Tour organization


Price not includes

Accommodation (from 15 USD per person)


Entrance tickets (from 8 USD per participant)



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Стандартная программа, которую проводят почти все туристические компании Батуми. Были на подобной около трех лет назад в групповой экскурсии. В этот раз взяли индивидуальный тур. Как говорится, почувствуй разницу разницу! Дарья - лучший гид, которого я видел, при этом отличный водитель. Было интересно услышать об обычаях и бытовой жизни в Грузии, от человека пожившего в разных странах. И все это на фоне невероятных гор и пейзажей. Гостиница была подобрана почти идеально, местоположение, виды с окна... Ужин так же хорош, доедали на следующий день. Остались довольны! Дарье и компании Getur - успехов!


Замечательная экскурсия, из Сванетии не хотелось уезжать, очень красивое и живописное место. Невероятные горы, словами восторг не передать. Очень понравилось, хочется вернуться туда снова. Сергей хорош и как гид, и как водитель: все показал, подробно рассказал, отвечал на вопросы. Знал места куда вез. Сванетия регион обязательный для посещения!

emiko katagiri

Hi, I’m Emiko from Japan. I want to know how much it will cost us in the following terms for your tour. Date: September 6th and 7th -2day tour. two participants. -Will you also pick us up at the hotel? (Our hotel is in Kutaisi area.) Looking forward to your reply. Thank you, in advance. Emiko Katagiri


Замечательная организация тура. Хорошая гостиница с вкусным питанием. Удивительные, красивейшие места, даже несмотря на то, что погода оказалась не очень...

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