Extreme rafting on Adjaristskali

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Adjaristskali is a river in the Western part of Georgia originating from Arsiani Range, near the Goderdzi Pass. It runs throughout the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and flows into the Chorokhi River near Batumi. In the area of Kokotauri village, the river is forcing its way through a picturesque gorge, up to 80 meters deep, with sheer rocks and lush vegetation, lovely cascades, and powerful rapids.

This river route stores exciting rapids and some tricky obstacles along the way, such as large rocks, big waves, holes, and reverse currents.

Starting from the arched bridge “Dandalo” it’s perfect for fans of moderate extreme. On that river, you can try yourself. Successful completion of this route requires well-coordinated teamwork. Trip length is 12 km, the time needed to complete the journey is between 60 and 90 minutes. Available from March to early July.

In July, August, and September, the water level in Adjaristskali River is too low for rafting, and the route opens again only after heavy rainfalls.

Safety on the descent

The raft is navigated by a qualified guide who has been trained by the international methodology of the International Rafting Federation (IRF), including dealing with extreme situations.

The guide has run along the route multiple times and knows all the potential hazards that might be faced on the water.

Every guest receives the necessary protective and safety gear, such as helmet, life jacket, and wetsuit.

Before the descent starts, the safety briefing explains in detail what can or cannot be done on the boat, how the whole process works, and how to act in emergencies.

You can learn more safety tips by clicking here.

Tour details

Duration is 6-7 hours including driving time from Batumi and back.

Price (including transfer from and to Batumi):

600 GEL up to 3 guests per guided boat

180 GEL per additional guest


Price includes

All transfers


All  equipment and safety gear such as paddle, helmet, life jacket, and wetsuit.



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