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We invite you to join the individual excursion to the unique nature park Sataplia. The word Sataplia in Georgian means “Honey place”. Wild bees lived this area several decades ago, and locals got the wild honey here. At the present moment, there isn’t honey here, but we can find many other exciting things. Those are dinosaur bones and footprints ( about 65 million age), amazing Kolkhidian forest, beautiful cave similar to the famous Prometheus cave, and also the view to the valley of Imereti. 

We will start our excursion from the city of Batumi. We drive alongside the Black sea coast and will arrive in Sataplia after 3 hours road. We will have walking through the park, and after we can start the second part of our trip. You can choose one of the points below:


  1. Kutaisi - the second capital of Georgia, ancient city the first mention about it was several thousand years ago in the books of Greek historian Starbon.  Also, we will visit the Kolkhida fountain, the historical center of the city, Bagrati temple, and also the unusual complex of the Gelati monastery built by David Agmashenebeli king during this program. 
  2. We climb to canyons of the Ocatce river. Firstly we can walk alongside Kintchkha waterfall to the wild section of the white stones canyon after will drive (or hike) to the official tourist bridges inside Ocatce canyon.
  3. We visit the Abasha river valley. There are exciting and wild Balda canyon, the Abasha dam, Oureshi waterfall, and famous Martvili canyon.

Tour details

The optimal departure time from Batumi is 8-9 am

Tour duration is 10-11 hours

Sataplia treasure of Imereti excursion price (with guide service):

450 GEL for a group up to 3 persons, 120 GEL  per additional person.


Price includes


Professional guide  (variant with guide service)

Price not includes

Lunch (from 6 USD per person)

Enters tickets in Martvili canyon  ( 6 USD per person)

Boat service into Martvili canyon (5 USD per person)

Enters tickets in Sataplia park ( 6 USD per person)

Enters tickets in official section of Ocatce canyon  ( 6 USD per person)

Off-road taxi to Ocatce canyon ( from 10 USD per car up to 4 persons in one side)

Boat service into Balda canyon (1,5 USD per person)

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