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Day 1

Arriving day.

We provide transfer from Batumi airport to hotel. Accommodation in the hotel.

After accommodation you will have free time to rest or observe the city.


Day 2 

9 am Breakfast in hotel

10 am Excursion to the Gonio fortress

We will drive along Western part of Adjara sea coast, will visit borderian areas Gonio-Kvariati, climb to the Djvari view place which located over Gonio township, and visit  the Gonio-Apsaros fortress included to UNESCO which was built 2000 years ago. 

2 pm After the excursion you will have a free time to lunch and vacation.

6 pm  We will go to city tour through  Batumi with a professional local guide.

Batumi city is the real diamond of modern Georgia, here you can seek high modern and the same time ancient buildings, hotels, attractions like as dance fountains, the sea boulevard which was created by modern ways of landscape design. Also we will visit the old town which was built in the end of 19 century, we will heard unusual stories and tales of the city life, will breath fresh smells of coffee and engage small secrets of long and particular town history.   

Excursion will have duration of 2 hours.


Day 3

9 am Breakfast in hotel

10 am Today we will drive to Machakhela valley, it is area of ancient traditions and legends which locate close to Turkey border. Rich nature environment and historical sights are present here  and attract people from all the world. You can find the ancient arch bridges, waterfalls, water mills and amazing nature here. 

12 am We will have a descent along the “Machakhela - Chorokhi” river section. It will be easy but a beautiful rafting section with start point on the river side of the Machakhela river and finish point on the river side of Chorokhi river close to Mirveti village. Trip has duration of 1,5 hour. This time include safety talk before rafting too. Participants  who not join to rafting event can spend time in a nice local cafe on the river bank with cap of coffee 

3 pm – We will have national lunch with traditional music and dance in the local family 

7pm Homing to the hotel


Day 4

9 am Breakfast in hotel

10.00 - We will drive to excursion in Samegrelo region, it is  homeland of the lords Dadiani. This region from 8 century didn’t occupied by strangers and save many ancient georgian traditions.

Along the day we will visit the unique hot springs valley located in canyon of the Tekhuri river close to Nokalakevi fortress which was the ancient capital of Kolkhida kingdom. In the hot spring valley environment temperature is on 4-5 degree over that the temperature of around areas. Hot water goes  from the deepnnes of earth, it is health water with temperature over to 65 degree. The natural pools with a comfortable temperature to have a bathing are creating when this water mixing with a cold river water. The next point of the our program will be the Dadiani lords residence in Salhino, where we can walk along boxwood park and have testing of local wines. Last points of the our excursion program will famous Martvili canyon and  lunch in a traditional Megrelian restaurant

Coming to the city at 8 pm


Day 5

9 am Breakfast in hotel

10 am We will drive along of the mountain part of Adjara. You will see here several interesting sights of the region like as Chorokhi and Adjaristskali rivers confluence, old arch Tamara’s queen bridge, famous Makhuntseti waterfall, aqueduct of the first Adjara dam. 

After a cultural part of excursion program we will have a rafting along of the upper part of Adjaristsqali river, after descent we will have a lunch nearby a river bank. This rafting route is more longer and expressive than route was before. Our crew must be show precise and particular team work at the boat. Rafting duration with safety talk will about  2 hours.

Coming in the city at 5 pm


Day 6

9 am Breakfast in hotel


10.00 Today we will drive to Kutaisi. This city is western capital of Georgia. Firstly we will visit the Sataplia protected area, the “sataplia” word mean in Georgian “Honey place”. Wild bees lived in this area several decades ago and locals got a wild honey here. At the present moment aren’t bees and honey here, but there are many other interesting things like as dinosaur bones and footprints ( about 65 millions ages), amazing Kolkhidian forest, the beautiful karst cave ( a little bit less than  more famous Prometheus cave which locate close of this place), and also nice view of Imereti valley is available here.

The next point of the program is the old town center of Kutaisi, except excursion we  will have also rafting here. It will be short but enthralling trip along the Rioni river through ancient town.  Participants who not join to rafting event can visit Kutaisi Botanical Garden.

After a lunch time we will walking through city center visit Kokhidian fountain on the main square and climb to Bagrati temple. 

Coming in the city at 8 pm

Day 7

9 am Breakfast in hotel

Today is last  day of our trip, you will have free time to shopping and also we make a transfer to the Batumi airport.

Tour details

We start the tour from Batumi 

It is tour for personal teams from 2 to 36 participants.  

Optimal number of participants are 12-18 persons.

We can change trip line or any other conditions of the tour by your request.


The tour price:

From 1000 GEL  per person, depend of participants numbers in a group, you can check a price for your group  in the calculate below. 

Participants who want exclude rafting service will provide 150 GEL discount.

Price includes

Accommodation in Batumi hotel of your chooce.

All breakfasts

Excursion enters tickets

Local lunch with dance in Machakhela (Second day)

English speak guide

All transfers by the routes

Rafting service


Price not includes




Boats service into Martvili canyon (from 5 USD per person)

Wine flavor testing (from 2 USD per person)

Own spends, souvenirs.

Extra excursions which not included in the main program.


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Макс и ко

Бронировали тур на середину мая для компании 6 человек. Поначалу отпугнула слишком низкая цена, но после небольшого общения по почте,  интуиция подсказала подписать договор ))) Ожидания оправдались. Жили в 2** гостинице в центре старого Батуми, местами даже лучше чем многие 3-ки. Завтраки отличные. Рестораны для ужинов подобраны с умом. Сам тур, насыщенный интересный и самое главное продуманный, минимум лишних движений, максимум ощущений. Спасибо!


Участвовала в туре в мае. Очень боялась участвовать в рафтинге, так как не было опыта, а это все таки экстрим. Оказалось зря, было весело. Организация на высоком уровне: экскурсии, проживание, обеды, ужины... Хочется поблагодарить гидов Сергея, Дмитрия, Алико водителя Гочу, хозяйку гостиницы Нато, благодаря вам, я похоже влюбилась в Грузию!

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