Secrets of Samegrelo

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We invite you to visit excursion along amazing areas of Samegrelo which were the cradle of Georgian statehood. Unique nature and historical objects can be find by tourists and guests of the country here.

Martvili canyon. Photo from first viewplace

Our trip will starting from Batumi, we will  drive alongside sea coast through the Guria region to ruins of Nokalakevi fortress, old capital of  Kolkhida kingdom which located close to the exit of the Tkhuri river canyon. In the middle of the canyon there is valley of the hot springs it is an unique place where water with temperature up to 80 celsius degree spring from ground. When the hot spring water mix with river water creates nature bathes with the comfortable temperature for swimming.

The next point of the our program will be Salkhino the summer residence of ancient lords family Dadiani who were ruler of those areas during several centuries in past eage. Here we can walk along the unusual boxwood park, visit wine cellar with the unique mold that helping to conserve the wine and add rare flavor for it.   

Close to Salkhino located beautiful and not popular through tourists  the Chachkhuri monastery. Amazing scenery of surround valleys open from walls of the monastery. Nearby the same name waterfall falls  from high rock to a small clean lake. 

Now coming lunchtime and we can lunch of local dishes in one of the nationals restaurants nearby Martvili city.  After lunch we will visit the famous Martvili canyon, and will homing back to Batumi.

Tour details

The optimal time of departure is 8-9 am

Tour duration is 9-10 hours

Secrets of Samegrelo excursion price:

450 GEL for the group up to 3 persons, 120 GEL  per additional person.


Price includes


Professional guide  (variant with guide service)


Price not includes

Lunch (from 20 GEL USD per person)

Wine flavor testing (from 20 GEL per person)

Enters tickets in wine cellar  ( 10 GEL USD per person)

Enters tickets in Martvili canyon  ( 18 GEL per person)

Boat service into Martvili canyon (15 GEL per person)




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