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Without a solid foundation - it is impossible to build a quality house. Also, without the knowledge of basic techniques and the development of the right muscles and tendons, it is impossible not only to make rapid progress in kayaking but even be safe in white water.

As holes in the foundation can be filled with bricks and, in special cases, with "mounting foam" and "silver tape". So the gaps in the basic skills and fitness can be replaced by insanity and brave, "fighting spirit", suppression of fear, and health. These actions have the same result. In the first case, the cracks in the walls and ceilings will appear in the house, and the expensive repairs will destroyed every time. In the second it will an injure and unpleasant problems even on the "flat place".

To basic skills pay especial attention during the study and training of professional athletes. А good athlete improves constantly the basics in any sport. This allows smoothly to move forward and get excellent results. Otherwise, modern kayaking tends to try to quickly learn - everything in one. Move quickly. Be like a top from one year. And you get a piece of information don't let it digest to skills and you start to download a new part...  As a result of the actions we know a lot, but we can not apply knowledge correctly during the practice.

The abundance of information in the head is reason to raise ego; it forces you to move forward and upward, gain the grade of the river, suppress fear, and get problems in the form of injuries, lost time, and equipment. Usually, most of us have no active lifestyle. And if we visit a gym and do exercises there, those are usually no fully suitable for paddling activity. And when we get real pressure during the descent we get an injure. 

Therefore, we decided to develop a program that will help to create for everyone a solid foundation for safe and fun kayaking.

On the course we will analyze and practice the points below:

Kayaking & safety skills:

  • Signals on the water.
  • We will research the water flow & how does it work.
  • Optimal lines on the river and rapids.
  • We learn the boat drive skills.
  • We will learn about the paddling technique.
  • We try self-swimming and rescue techniques.
  • We will research the safety and rescue methods.

We learn exercises and techniques that solve many health problems:

  • We will learn and practice simple but effective exercises for working out the "necessary" muscles and tendons that we can later carry out at home.
  • We learn how to solve "water" problems. Back, shoulders, numb feet, etc.
  • We will learn and practice breathing techniques that help to relieve stress, calm down, save energy on the water.

On the course, we use the teaching methods and information from international practice (IRF, Rescue 3), exercises and breathing techniques from the classical Ashtanga yoga and manual therapy successfully used to strengthen and solve health problems.


, improve coordination and overall well-being, and experience gained in conducting dozens of different tours.

The information you will receive on this course, with regular practice will allow you to understand the fundamentals of kayak management techniques, increase control over your body and accordingly a boat, more consciously, actively and competently act on the water in any situation, understand what to do in an emergency, and avoid it.


Tour details

** Rent a boat (for participants $ 10 per day, total $ 50 per tour)

** Souvenirs

** Lunches

Price includes


** Accommodation in the guest house near the sea.

** Meals (dinner, breakfast) in the cafe at the guest house.

** All transfers on the route.

** All trainings according the program.

** All excursion trips declared in the program.

** guide, safety.

Price not includes

Аренда снаряжения  (от 10$ в день)


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