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Translation of the Mtirala word is the crying mount. It is certain unique place located in 40 kilometers to North-East of Batumi. The most of precipitations of Adjara falls here. You can feel real freshness of the air at the hottest days of summer season in the Mtirala park too.

We invite you join to hiking through this unique location. We invite you to visit the National park, have a walk by the road surrounded centuries trees to “Tsalbnari” waterfall, go to a mountain river and have bathing in the wonder lake nearby exit of river canyon. First part of trip will pass in driving by a road alongside beautiful Chatsvitskali river, surrounded sceneries are amazing here.   Also the particular part of the program is the handmade cablecar over the river that you can drive by ownself like a captain. You can have lunch of local dishes on the river side after hiking and also have testing of local honey and herbal tea.

The ZIP LINE, rope’s city at the trees, off road by quad bikes are also available here.


Tour details

The best departing time from Batumi is 8-12 am

Excursions provide all year round.

Warning!!! At many track places haven’t barriers alongside of river canyon and also there are slimy places especially after rains because of that we don’t recommend visiting the park with small children or in bad weather.

Hiking time is about 2 hours

The duration of the excursion is about  5 hours.

Price of excursion (include guide service)

120 $ for a group up to 3 persons. For a larger group 40 $ per person.


Price includes


Professional guide  (include in the tour with guide)

Cablecar tickets

Price not includes


Souvenirs, wine and other items

Rope park ( of 7 USD)

ZIP-LINE  ( of 7 USD)

Quad bikes ( of 20 USD)

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Приятное место, недалеко от города, много зелени, река, водопад к которому надо идти по лесу около 40 минут. Наверно будет интересно тем кто действительно очень любит природу...


Невероятная природа, свежесть, прохлада. Неплохое кафе у речки, в целом если любите природу, отличный вариант.

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