Makhunceti waterfall

In Adjara, many call this waterfall is one of the most impressive. Waterfall Mahuntseti is a stream of pure mountain water falling from a height of over 20 meters. His views, beautiful nature and a short distance from the large resort town of Batumi, attracts a huge number of tourists.

In addition, just 300 meters from the waterfall is an arched bridge over a mountain river Adjaristkali, built in the days of the famous Queen Tamar.

To reach this place, you can take a taxi, the average price of 50-70 GEL for the trip there and back. Either on the bus going to the bus station to the town of Keda and Khulo.

If you still are going to visit the waterfall, then it is better to choose a car, because on the way to the waterfall there are many beautiful places in which to stop and take pictures.